Sockalingam Sam Kannappan

Professional Engineer

What Others are Saying

"Kannappan is sincere in his efforts to link Indian Rivers"
Honorable Suresh P. Prabhu, Chairman, Task Force to link rivers June 25, 2003

"Please develop Nattarasankottai with the contacts you have."
H.E. APJ Abdul Kalam, President of India, January 10, 2003

"I am a fan of Sam Kannappan for all good things he does."
US Congressman Kevin Brady, Deputy Whip, US House of Representatives, Washington DC

"I am here to thank Kannappan for his help in obtaining visa for our troup visit USA when we were getting ready to cancel the announced drama programs in USA."
SV Sekar January 18, 2003

"Now I have friends in Houston such as yourself."
Vijaykanth, Actor

"Sam Kannappan is fifty nine years young. Some people feel the weight of their years and begin to moan and groan that they are getting older day by day. Kannappan value system does not permit such attitude. He is totally young and welcomes the time he has in order to make good use of it. For him, each day makes a new beginning and God given opportunity and he plans all the good things he can do that day. This is of course, besides meticulously discharging his love and duties to his loved ones and friends far and hear. Money is not his priority. His social consciousness is so highly developed that he is all the time trying to serve the community and individuals."

"Any one can tag on Kannappans shoulder and draw on him. He does not wait to be asked. Just because he knows someone, Kannappan does not tilt the balance in that persons favour. I have know Kannappan well over thirty years. I have never heard him say an unkind word about another person. Very few people can see only good in others as he does."

"Whenever he takes a project, he works tirelessly in a planned manner to achieve its set objectives. No personal sacrifice is too much for him either financially or in terms of time."
Dr. Alagappa Alagappan, founder, Ganesh Temple, New York.

"I have been telling my friends that you are a very dedicated, sincere, and down-to-earth person helping anybody or any organization. You are a mentor to many of us. regards"
Bala Balachandran , Feb. 21, 2002

"Congratulations on this special recognition on your accomplishments. Again, congratulations on your upcoming book and best wishes in the future."
Gene Green, Member of Congress, 29th District, Texas Feb. 8, 2002

"Sam Kannppan&primes motivation is self satisfaction. He feels happy when he is able to help someone in need. He tolerates differences with larger goal in mind. He work with people with diverse background without any prejudice."
Chad Patel Jan 7, 2002

"Tanaz Choudhury and Sam Kannappan who are members of Jay Jahnke memorial committee organized the fundraising event at Pema Wangdis home on Nov. 28th which netted $7000 Houston fireman Jay died on Oct. 13th trying to rescue those who trapped."
Indo-American News Dec 7th, 2001 p C9

"The Rice University course entitled ‘Great Religions: Hinduism and Buddhism’ was taught by Rice University Professor"
Dr. Stephen Tyler, Dr. Arun Mukhopadyay and Sam Kannappan Indo-American News Nov 3, 2001 Page C3

"Sam Kannappan will present a check for $232,769 to Mayor Lee Brown and the American Red Cross. The check is for a variety of charities, including the American Red Cross, all for survivors and victims of the World Trade Center disaster. Sam is overall coordinator for the Indo-American Community Fundraising Effort, a joint project of 19 Indian-American organizations. Thank you, Sam!"
Gary Gibson, Manager of Engineering, GDS Engineers Oct. 30, 2001

"Dear Sam: I do comment your organization in recognizing the need for funds to be provided to the September 11th relief fund. Please do not hesitate to contact my office if you need assistance with any matter."
Nick Lampson, Member of Congress, 9th District, Texas Oct 22, 2001

"Sam: You are important part of the Interfaith work in Houston and we all appreciate your leadership."
Wayne C. Eberly, Pastor, Pines Presbyterian Church Oct 11,2001

"Hilcroft merchants donated $25,000 towards Sept. 11 victims in New York."
Mayor Dr. Lee P. Brown, Councilman Gordon Quan, Sam Kannappan and others spoke at the fund raiser. Oct 5, 2001

"Sam Kannappan was invited to join the advisory Board to defend Houston against Biological attack."
Dr. Sam Ward Casscells UT Medical School, Houston, Oct. 2001

"Asian, Arab Americans get safety tips after Spet.11th tragedy in New York. Sam Kannappan, a south Asian community leader said a list of safety tips were sent to 84 Indo-American organizations in Houston."
Mae Ghalwash, Houston Chronicle, Sept. 24, 2001

Title ′The wonders of the Indian Tradition′ under the Course ′The Art of well being ′ offered at Rice University, Houston by Sam Kannappan, founding trustee of the Meenakshi Temple of Houston Dr. Ravi Tamerisa presented Ayurvedic and Alternative medicine course.
School of Continuing Education Catalogue, Rice University, Sept. 25th 2001

"Sam Kannappan, a trustee at Sri Meenakshi Temple, provided words from Bhagavad-Gita, a Hindu sacred text."
Tara Dooley, Houston Chronicle Sept. 14. 2001

"When death is sudden, soul needs peace′ said Sockalingam Kannappan, trustee of the Hindu temple The prayer is for attaining peace".
Richard Vara Houston Chronicle, Sept. 12, 2001

"Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston will present the IM 2001 Leadership Institute on Oct. 8th. I invite you to join our institute as a member of our host committee"
Larry Norton, CEO,IMGH Sept. 6,2001

"After the discussion by Interfaith alliance ′We were able to talk about emotional and sensitive issues′ said Sam Kannappan, a trustee at Sri Meenakshi"
Temple Tara Dooley, Houston Chronicle Aug. 9, 2001

"Sculptor of the Mahatma Gandhi memorial outside this Embassy is Mr. Gautam Pal."
Dr. Subhakanta Behera, First Secretary (Culture), Washington DC June 11, 2001

"Community leaders from Washington DC Dr. Joydeb Roy, Parthasarathy Pillai, Kamala Edwards, Texas Representative Sam Kannappan and others requested Indian Diaspora committee to consider dual citizenship by Government of India."
Washington DC June 4, 2001

Lalit Mansingh , Ambassador of India invites Mr. Sam Kannappan to meet the High level Committee on Indian Diaspora, Chaired by Hon. Dr. L.M. Singhvi MP on June 4, 2001

"Thank you for your inquiry of the U.S. Government′s response to the earthquake in Gujarat, India. The White House has asked the U.s. Agency for International Development (USAID) to respond. We share your concern about the devastation on the earthquake in Gujarat. We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust our programs as necessary."
Karen Turner, USAID 2001

"We very much hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you to an open discussion on Aug. 9th in Houston about Religion in Houston Public Life, arranged by Interfaith Alliance."
Brady Russel, Interfaith Alliance. Washington DC June 25, 2001

"We look forward to building a stronger relationship with you and your congregation as we serve the needs of our community."
Jan Swecker, Manager, Iinterfaith Ministries of Greater Houston June8, 2001

"Please be assured that the thoughts and friendship of the people of Houston are with the people of India as they rebuild and recover from tragic situation related to earthquake in Gujarat in Jan 2001."
Dr. Lee P. Brown, Mayor, City of Houston April 30, 2001

"Sam Kannappan′s group talked about collapsed roads, water and electricity systems. Rep. Nick Lampson came through for the group. He arranged for the free transportation of 15,000 tents to Gujarat."
Mae Ghalwash, Houston Chronicle April 9, 2001

Rev. James Dixon II, Senior Pastor, The Community of Faith, who interacted with IDRC′s Sam Kannappan, described him as humble giant who worked ceaselessly to make Americans aware of the tragedy. India Herald, Houston April 6, 2001

"Thank you for fax of April 24, 2001 to Ambassador Mansingh and informing him of the efforts that you have made for Texas Lawmakers to India Caucus luncheon."
Amar Sinha, Counsellor and SA to Ambassador , Washinton April 5. 2001

"Thank you for your kind words about my work on providing tents to India following the recent earthquake. India is our friend and deserves our help."
Nick Lampson, Member of Congress, April 5, 2001

"Sam Kannappan was honored for his sincere efforts and leadership role in making the Millennium Republic Day celebrations a success. Durga Agrawal presented a plaque to Sam Kannappan for his sincere efforts to unite the Indian community. The plaque was presented by BAPS (Swaminarayana Temple) on behalf of the Indian Community of Greater Houston."
Indo-American News page C1, March 23, 2001

"I share your heartfelt desire to aid the victims of this natural disaster (earthquake in Gujarat)."
Phil Gramm, US Senator, Texas March 8, 2001

A 70member delegation of Indo-Americans from Houston area representative of entire community spent two days (Feb. 27 and 28, 2001) in Washington DC. The Houston delegation was led by Sam Kannappan, Dr. Durga Agrawal, Dr. K.T. Shah and Subhash Gupta.
India Herald Feb. 30, 2001

International tennis star and grand marshal of the downtown Houston Republic Day Parade, Vijay Amritraj, obliges a fan with his autograph as Sam Kannappan, the Co-Chairman of the event watches on.
Indo-American News Feb. 9, 2001

"It is indeed heartening to note that a large number of organizations have come together to showcase India′s splendours during the Republic Day Celebrations in Houston on January 27, 2001"
Naresh Chandra, Ambassador of India, December 12, 2000

The Rice University course, entitled ′Great Religions: Hinduism and Buddhism′ was taught by Rice University professor DR. Stephen Taylor. Title ′Doctrine of karma and reincarnation′ was taught by Dr. Arun Mukhopadhyay and Hindu Epics Ramayana and Mahabharat were taught by Sam Kannappan. The course was sponsored by Sushila and Dr. Durga Agrawal.
P C3, Indo-American News, November 3, 2000

"Dear Sam: Thank you for your letter and your kind words of support. I am honored. The remaining weeks will be tough, but I welcome the contest. Laura and I are greatful to know that we can count on you."
Onto victory, George W Bush, Candidate for US President Oct. 20, 2000

"Long Time Friend Sam Kannappan, A Rama Bhaktha and a true devotee of Devi. Minakshi."
C.V. Narasimhan, Former Assistant Secretary General United Nations, Sept. 2000

The community award ′Sevai Thilakam′ was given to S. Kannappan in recognition of his selfless service in promoting unity and understanding among Tamils living in the United States, spirituality and religion.
News India Times May 19, 2000 page 38

International Tamil Association conferred the prestigious title of Sevai Thilakam on Houston′s well-known and well-liked community activist.
Indo-American News May 26, 2000 page C11

"If Anjaneya (Hanuman) made his life mission to sing the praises and serve Lord Ram then, Chockalinagm Kannappan, 56, could well be His modern day equivalent. The devout-Kannappan has always been associated with soreading the cultural goodness of Hinduism. He is modern day Anjaneya."
Indian Express, Friday April 14, 2000

"You have accomplished so many positive things during your term and I know that you will continue to provide leadership to Sri Meenakshi Temple during the coming years. I am looking forward to a continued association with the temple society and with you and Meena in the new millennium."
Tom Reid, Mayor, City of Pearland January 10, 2000

"My dear Sam: Your accomplishments and leadership qualities have been highlighted by Mayor Tom Reid. Hope you would carry on the good work for the benefit of the Indo-American Community. Accept my sincere congratulations on your achievement. With best wishes."
Rinzing Wangdi, Consul General Of India, Houston January 21, 2000

"Your gesture of goodwill for the cyclone affected people of Orissa is very much appreciated."
M.M. Rajendran, Governor of Orissa, Bhubaneswar January 13, 2000

′The temple conducts job fairs, health camps and refers the needy to appropriate places where they get assistance′ Sam Kannappan.
News India Times p 35 , Sept. 24, 1999

Dr. A. Alagappan, former United Nations official said he was honored to open the model of Madurai Sree Meenakshi Temple and joined Kannappan in thanking the Chairman of Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple , Rama Ramanathun for his kind gesture in donating the wooden model to the Houston sister temple.
Prakash Swamy News India Times Sept. 24, 1999

"Sometimes I wonder what makes Kannappan tick to help others!"
K.R Chander, Feb 22, 1999

"In the beginning, The founding fathers of Barathi Kalai manram, Houston were Mr. S. Kannappan and Dr. V. Alagarsamy. The very first tamil movie screened was Sivaji′s ′Uyarntha Manithan in 1970, thanks to S. Kannappan."
BKM Silver Jubilee Souvenir, 1974-1999

"Sam Kannappan will serve as Reflective Prayer group facilitator at South Main Baptist Church 1999 I am sure President George H W Bush (Sr) would be happy to send a congratulatory note to your daughter and her husband."
Linda Casey Poepsel, Secretary to President Bush (Sr) Oct. 13, 1998

Twenty seven seaman from India are in Houston port on board Greek ship Epta. They were not paid for 11 months. They want back pay of $213,000 and way home. Kannappan arranged the crew to visit Meenakshi temple, area churches and mosque. Seaman′s representative expressed their thanks to Kannappan for helping. With the help of Indian Consulate, assistance was provided to the crew. Feb 24, 1998

"To increase the youth participation in temple activities, to appoint the youth in decision making positions, improve community involvement, expand services to devotees, increase activities like classes in Hinduism, yoga and meditation, to develop a large network of volunteers and to develop more efficient methods of administration are among ideas I want to accomplish during my tenure as Chairman of Meenakshi Temple " Kannappan says.
India Herald, January 1998

"A free eye camp was sponsored by Houstonian Sam Kannappan in his hometown of Nattarasankottai, Tamil Nadu on June 29."
India Herald July 25, 1997

"We are happy that the free eye camp organized by you at Nattarasankottai on June 29, 1997 went well and that you have done your best to hold the camp very successfully, where we have screened 244 patients and brought 24 patients for surgery at our hospital."
R. Meenakshi Sundaram, Arvind Eye Hospital, Madurai. June 30, 1997

"The desire to help an ailing Chief Minister led a Houston based engineer, Sam Kannappan, to develop Tamil fonts for personal computers."
Ashok Easwaran, India Abroad, March 15, 1996

"As desired by you, when I visit USA next, I shall certainly try to include Houston in my travel plans."
MAM Ramaswamy, Pro-Chancellor, Annamalai University, Madras 11th Jan. 1996

"Sockalingam Kannappan created a computer program to write Tamil alphabet on a terminal and then simulate the spoken language by means of voice synthesizer. Such a system will enable Hon. MG Ramachandran who could not speak or write due to stroke, could communicate with his doctors and staff."
India Abroad Mar. 15, 1996 p 45

"Sam Kannappan has been nominated as the GDS Engineers representative to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers."
Jim Walters, President, GDS Mar. 21, 1996

"Sam is doing an outstanding job. He works well with the team and is cost conscientious. Sam investigated a potential savings for EXXON resulting in a $246,000 cost reduction for the project."
Frank Stewart, Project Manager, Jacobs Engineering, Baton Rouge Jan 20, 1995

"I have only praise for Sam Kannappan in all areas of performance. Sam is an asset to the JEG EXXON task force and Jacobs as a company."
Gary Adams, Jacobs Engineering, Baton Rouge 1995

"Job well done resulting in cost savings by piping engineer Sam Kannappan"
Frank, Jacobs Engineering 1995

"Sam Kannappan is listed in the twelfth edition of Marquis Who′s Who in the world. He is author of the EZFLEX piping flexibility software program and the textbook titled Introduction to Pipe Stress Analysis published by John Wiley & Sons."
NY Jacobs Engineering Newsletter, Baton Rouge 1995

"On behalf of entire management of GDS Engineers, Inc, I would like to express my most sincere appreciation and thanks for the hard work and commitment you exhibited during the recently completed EXXON FXK project."
Jerry W. O′Brien, Site manager, GDS Aug. 9, 1995

"I would like to thank you for taking the time and effort to submit Bo it better suggestions during 1994."
Steve Frischle, President, Jacobs Engineering, Baton Rouge November 28, 1994

"Your DIBS suggestion number 1081 regarding the concrete dividers was believed to be an excellent suggestion. The ′Build Committee has taken it under advisement and the divider will be removed shortly."
Daryl Carpenter, For the JEG Employee Quality Committee August 9, 1994

"We should all become good listeners and be ready to accept different points of view. Rig Veda says ′Let noble thoughts come from every direction′ We adopted this quotation as motto for the Hindu Worship Society Newsletter Jyothi in 1974."
Speech by Kannappan at youth camp, August 7, 1994

"Please tell Mr. Kannappan that I have began lecturing using his book as basis for my lecture."
John C. Luf, MK Furguson Company January 19, 1994

"A couple of years ago, I had a chance to read your book entitled ′Introduction to Pipe Stress Analysis′ I consider it is an informative, practical and well illustrated book. This book is an excellent text for the new comers and a good refresher foe the old hands."
Paul Lee, Southern California Edition, Paramount, CA Feb 25, 1993

"Sam Kannappan was appointed as a member of the Gas Pipeline Research Committee of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. This committee gives input to the US Department of Transportation in order to avoid recent pipeline accident in Edison."
NJ Indo-American News April 11, 1994

"Mr. Sam Kannappan has been a prominent member of Indian community, having served with distinction in many voluntary positions with high responsibility. He is currently the Secretary of the Washington Murugan Temple. Sam and Meenakshi will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary on 20 September 1992. I am happy to extend to them my best wishes for many long years of married bliss."
Lalit Mansingh , Ambassador and Charge d′ affairs, Embassy of India, Washington DC Sept. 6, 1992

"Sam Kannappan was very productive by applying his analytical skills to the solution of variety of urgent mechanical problems of great important in meeting satellite delivery schedules. Dr. William W. Metzger, Manager, Astro Space Division, General Electric Company, Princeton, NJ Feb. 18, 1991

"Please refer to the talk we had regarding the possibility of our holding a small session on ′NRI Investment opportunities in India′ at Washington DC on May 28th at 3 p.m."
K. Ramakrishnan, CEO,State Bank of India, New York May 3, 1988

"The Tamil Sangam of metropolitan Washington and Baltimore gathered to pay homage of MGR. Mr. E. Vignarajah, Dr. Anthony Antoniswami, S. Kannappan and others expressed their deep sorrow over the loss of the popular Tamil Leader. Dec. 27, 1988. After hearing so many good things about you all my life, I expected you to be six feet tall and complex person. You are too humble to be true."
Dr. Palaniappan, Professor, Agriculture Engineering, University of Delaware 1987

Course ′Introduction to Pipe Stress Analysis′ was offered at University of Maryland, University College by Sam Kannappan. He is the author of EXFLEX pipe stress software program and his paper on steam turbine nozzle load, published in 1974, became industry reference material in many countries.
University of Maryland, University College Brochure January 26, 1986

"We appreciate with thanks your remittance to MTS housing project 1986. We take it as a good augury being the first remittance to this project. Again thanking you and with blessings from Goddess Meenakshi."
V. Arumugam, Administrator, Sri Meenakshi Temple Dec. 9, 1985

"With the same twenty four hours available to all of us, I do not know how you could accomplish so many good things."
Dr. K. Venugopal Menon, Appolo Hospital, Madras April 1985

"Since you are an expert in computer field, I thought that you could prepare a proposal about Computers in Tamil Nadu schools."
Dr. Raman Pitchmani, US Regulatory Commission, Washington DC, Feb 15,1985

"I am writing to confirm that during your visit to the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Madras, we would like you as a visiting scientist."
Dr. EGC Sudarshan, Director, IMS, Madras Feb 7, 1985

"Now how about forming a ′Friends of Tamil University in USA?′ With your proven organizational ability and love for doing good things, you will jump at it, I know."
S. Arunachalam, Editor, Indian Journal of Technology, New Delhi Feb 7, 85

"Good luck with your Tamil Computer. It sounds like an excellent Project."
Dr. Philip Siegelman, Dept. of Political Science, San Francisco Sate University, CA 94132 Feb. 13, 85

"We would be greatly helped by a high memory computer for machine translation project. When you come next to Madras, you should visit us."
Dr. V.I. Subramaniam, Vice-Chancellor, Tamil University, Tanjavur April 12, 1985

"Sam Kannappan offered to M.G. R to create a computer program to write words in Tamil alphabet on a video display terminal and then simulate spoken language with TI voice synthesizer. Kannappan attributes the success to his son Ramesh who is high school senior in Knoxville and honors mathematician, his wife Meena who painstakingly checked each of Tamil′s 247 alphapet scripts and their corresponding sounds and to Mr. K. Balasubramanian from Texas Instruments."
TVA newsletter Inside April 2, 1985

"I hope to meet you in near future at Madras. With warn regards and best wishes."
Hon. T. Anjaiah, Minister of state for labor, Govt. of India Feb. 28, 1985

"You have fortunately asked me for any project to work with. I think you are the right person I have been looking for. Can you find some suitable agency to record pooja mantras and vidhan."
K Purusotham Naidu IAS, Former Commissioner of Endowments, Andhra Pradesh and Exec. Secretary of New York Ganesh Temple, Flushing Feb 9, 1985

"When my office phoned for you, it was learnt that you have already left for USA. I am sorry we could not meet this time. When you visit Madras, please let me know so that I could have the pleasure of meeting you and spend some time with you. Thanking you and with regards."
M. Saravanan, AVM Studios Mar 21,1985

"I am really astonished and pleased at the amount of community service you are doing at your end. My best wishes and congratulations to you for more and fruitful service to the community."
T. Darmalingam, Works Manager, Vidyut Agni Furnaces, Villivakkam, Madras April 29, 1985

"Medical college works in Karaikudi are in progress and in good shape. I would like to request you to meet our friends there and do your best for the success on the medical college and well equiped hospital."
AL.CT. Chidambaram Chettiar , Madras April 22, 1985

"You would have heard that street lights have been converted in to 1x 40 watt tube lights in our Nattarasankottai and the village is flood lite. The people of Nattarasankottai are all praise for you and your steps. But for you, the village would not have the benefit of having tube lights."
N. Lakshmanan, Madras State Electricity Board, Madurai Jan. 11, 1985

"Mr. Kannappan is very conscitious employee. He has performed all his duties in a very professional manner. He has been rated better than average fully adequate in performing his special studies assignment. Many of these were of urgent nature. He worked all the assignments in very efficient and positive manner. Mr. Kannappan is a self starter and real assest to our section. Meritorious award advancement is authorized."
T.A. ragan, Supervisor, Tennessee Valley Authority, Knoxville Feb 21, 1985

"I amy be able to visit either Knoxville or Nashville. I shall write to you again soon after my programe is finalized or cntact you by phone from London or New York. With my best wishes to you and your family."
Hon. C. Subramaniam, Finance Minister, Govt. of India April 17, 85

"It is a happy augury that your untiring and benevolent services for worthy causes are appreciated by the Honorable Chief Minister and other VIPs in the Government of Tamil Nadu and you are held in high esteem by them. Our state and country will be benefited to a great extent by your innovative and active participation."
Dr. SM. Lakshmanan, Dean., Engineering, Annamalai University Dec 23, 1985

"Keep up the good work both professionally and otherwise. I shall be visiting Washington DC this fall and will let you know in advance."
M.V. Arunachalam, 1 Bishop Graden, Madras May 5,1985

"There is nothing not achievable if you only try. I have friends and contacts at highest places. As your high school teacher, I taught you that ′people who love others belong to others′. I always wish you the best for you."
RM. Sivasubramanian, Professor, Sevugan Annamalai College, Devakottai April 16, 1985

"I congratulate you for become Secretary of Tamil Nadu Charitable Foundation."
AR. Ramaswamy, PA to Dr. Raja Sir Muthia Chettiar, Madras April 25, 1985

"We are happy to inform you that your poem ′Prayer to Goddess Meenakshi of Houston′ has won honorable mention in the Chinmoy International Poetry awards 1984. Again, our sincere gratitude to you for sharing your work with us and our congratulations."
Abhipsa Catz, Chairman, Awards committee March 11, 85

"We appreciate your sincerity in helping India. We wish that you ascend to the ultimate height of prosperity."
Dr. S. Lakshmanan, Asst. Professor of Anatomy, JIPMER, Pondy, India Feb. 27, 1985

"Please make steps to stop killing of cows in West Germany due to surplus meat. They can be transported to India. Jagad Guru Sankaracharya of Kanchi asked you to take lead in this effort. Please keep the Pantif also informed on your efforts."
Temple Architect M. Muthia Sthapathi Madras Dec. 12, 1984

"Sri Rajarajeswari Peetham did not have an opportunity to participate in the survey for your forth coming booklet ′Indian immigrants in North America′ Her Holiness will be attending the Council of Temples meeting at Flint and looks forward to seeing you there. May the mother of the Universe bless you with the success of all your endeavors."
Sri Rajarajeswari Peetham, The Holy Sankaracharya Order, PA Oct 11, 1984

"Today, I had been to Kanchi and discussed with Periava (Jagad Guru Sankaracharaya). He is very happy to know about your temple activities."
Sa Visvanathan, Editor, SAVI June 20, 1984

"I know that where ever you may be, you will shine as A class expert. I wish you God speed in all your endeavors."
Prof. S.V Chittibabu, Vice- Chancellor, Annamalai University Feb. 24, 1984

"As a follow up of our conversation to-day, I am sending a copy of our reviwer′s report on your book, on Pipe Stress Analysis, a report you will find it very encouraging."
Frank J Cerra, Editor, John Wiley& Sons, NY Jan. 18, 1984

"This is also request to you, Sir, to furnish exact requirements of Tamils there for teaching Tamil and methodology you like to include as the letter written by you to Hon. Chief Minister is not available to us."
Dr. S.V. Subramanian, Director, International Institute of Tamil, Madras March 9, 1984

"Thanks for your good wishes. Do visit us if you happen to be in Chicago."
Dr. A.K. Ramanujam, Chairman, Dept. of South Asian Languages, Univ. of Chicago. Aug. 3, 1984

"A booklet aimed at assisting those wanting to build Hindu temple in US is now available from a man who should know, the Founder Secretary of the Meenakshi Temple of Houston, S. Kannappan"
India West, page 27, June 1, 1984

"Thank you for your letter of July 17, 1984 and for the very interesting material (History of Hindu Temples and your booklet on How to build Hindu Temples). They are very valuable for my study."
Dr. Raymond B Williams, Professor of Religion, Wabash College, Indiana Aug. 1, 1984

"I am in receipt of your booklet on construction of Hindu Temples. I went through it carefully and was very much impressed and pleased to go through it. "
Dr. Radhu Agrawal, President, Hindu Temple, Monroeville, Pittsburg Aug 9, 1984

"I have read the write up on construction of Hindu Temples and cultural centers and I have found it extremely interesting and useful. You have come up with all the necessary details and the presentation is also very good."
Dr. Palani G. Periasamy, President, Tamil Nadu Foundation, Aug 10,1984</p>

"I am glad to learn that Thiru Kannappan, Founder secretary of Houston Meenakshi Temple, has taken much pain in writing a booklet containing various aspects of temple construction for the benefit of those who want to plan and build temples in foreign temples. I wish the efforts of Thiru Kannappan all success."
Hon. R.M. Veerappan, Minister for Hindu Religious Endowments, Tamil Nadu June 30, 1984

"I am very happy to learn that Mr. S. Kannappan is going to bring out a booklet ′Construction of Hindu temples in foreign countries by Indian immigrants′. This booklet will be great help and guidance to those who want to build Hindu Temples in United States. This booklet will give variety of information which would be very useful. I wish Mr. S. Kannappan every success in his new venture."
Hon. R.V.Swaminathan, Minister of State, Agriculture, Govt. Of India, New Delhi July 20, 1984

"In the last meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Hindu Cultural center, I was asked to request you to join the Board of Trustees. We feel that with your past experience at Houston Meenakshi Temple and else where, you will be able to help us a great deal in the formative years of our temple project. I hope you will accept this offer and join us in this monumental work. We look forward to working with you closely."
Dr. Buntwal N. Somayaji, Chairman, Hindu Cultural Center, Nashville Nov. 16, 1984

"I am glad you are always there to extend a helping hand to any good cause. May God give you more success, comfort and happiness in life. "
Dr. Janarthinam, Civil Engineering Dept., Univ. of North Carolina, Jan 9, 1984

"I really appreciate your generous help and contribution in making Diwali a great success. I am proud to have you as a member of India Association of Knoxville."
Chary, President, Oct 30, 1984

"The xerox copy of India Turbine reveals that you are doing excellent and dedicated service to the community."
R. Palaniappan, Govt. Pleader, Madras Nov. 16, 1984

"I am writing this letter to you to seek your help as usual from many Indians visiting Houston for the first time. I would very much value your advice in the matter."
K. Kasturi, Manager, WS Insulators, Madras 1982

"May I request you to be member of ′Professor RM. Sethunarayanan endowment committee and help us fullfill the pleasant task."
Major K. Srinivasan, Regional Engineering College, Trichy Oct. 31, 1983

"Houston Meenakshi temple construction would have taken much longer time but for the efforts of S. Kannappan."
Prof K.R. Thiagarajan, Chairman, MTS Aug 15, 1982

"If the Houston Meenkahi Temple is being consecrated today (June 27, 1982) the credit goes primarily to Mr. S. Kannappan, Secretary, who has worked round the clock for the last four or five years and has been subjected to severest pressures. "
Statement in The Hindu by Dr. A. Alagappan, United nations, NY 1982

"It is really no mean achievement that you have completed Houston Meenakshi Temple project in record time."
L. Narayanan Chettiar, Chairman, Madurai Meenakshi Temple June 12, 82

"I congratulate you on the efforts taken by you in the arrangements for Kumbhabhishekam of Houston Meenakshi Temple."
P.T. Krishnan, General manager, TVS, Madras June 27, 1982

"I took S. Arunachalam (IJT, New Delhi) to Kannappan when he wanted to meet a person who serves the community without expecting reward."
Dr. AS Gopalakrishnan, Houston, 1982

"Because you made such an effort to get the photos to me, I wanted to return them for your future use. I went with what I had for the enclosed article. Your temple (Houston Meenakshi Temple) is mentioned, however, as you can see in the story."
John Dart, Los Angeles Times, CA August 5, 1982

"Kannapan does all the work without expecting glamour and appreciation. He deserves to be appreciated."
Swami Chinmayanda in his letter from Belgium July 1982

"I have seen many temple trustees. I have never seen any one like Kannappan who serves the public with out expecting praise."
Thanga Bhattar, Priest, Madurai & Houston Meenakshi Temple June 27, 1982

"Kannappan will not praise anyone to gain a favor."
UN′s Assistant Secretary General CV Narasimhan told Mr. Sukumaran (New Orleans Temple Secretary) June 27, 1982

"Sam Kannappan is our goodwill ambassador."
Hon. Tom Reid, Mayor of Pearland June 27, 1982

"I recall my visit to the temple site at Houston in February and I was very much impressed by the dedicated work being done by the community and their leaders (S. Kannappan) to build this place of worship in Houston. I have been asked to convey the good wishes of the Prime Minister (Mrs. Indra Gandhi) on the occasion of the inauguration of the Indian temple in Houston on June 27,1982."
H.E. K.R. Narayanan, Ambassador of India to USA, Washington DC June 15, 1982

"Mr. Kannappan takes us around to show Houston Meenakshi Temple. He is simple and humble. He does not differenciate based on language. He does not see difference based status of the visitors. He forgets himself in his service. I was able to meet noble person who immerses in public work in Houston."
Journalist Dr. MS. Udayamoorthy May 1982 Tamil Magazine Ethayam Pesukirathu

"To describe in one word, Kannappan is Houston Meenakshi Temple. With his engineering job, he is building the temple. He is not an ordinary man. He studied in Annamalai University. He belongs to Chettinadu in India."
Dr. MS Uthaya Moorthy, May 1982 in Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan

"I have completed a final review of your manuscript ′How to determine allowable centrifugal compressor piping loads′ and I would like to accept it for publication. I believe this article will be of interest to our readers through out the world. Thank you for your interest in our publication."
Les A Kane, Editor, Hydrocarbon Processing Journal, Houston Jan. 6, 1982

"Thirty eight old Kannappan is the Secretary for Houston Meenakshi Temple. He does temple work with absolute dedication."
Magazine London Murasu August 1981

"I am in receipt of your letter dated May 22, 81 enclosing herewith a review of progress made by Sri Meenakshi Temple Society and am very happy with it."
T. Anjiah, Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh June 1, 1981

"I send you all my best wishes for your efforts to make Houston a part of Indian Culture. May all your efforts be fruitful."
Dr. S. Vadantham, Consul (education), Consulate of India, San Francisco Nov. 23, 1981

"I have also gone through the photostat with your letter regarding the inclusion of your name ′Who Houston 80′. I appreciate your technical knowledge, talent and social service and we are very much proud to have generous pesons loike you, who are well recognized in abroad. I wish you to get more and more honours and all success in your endeavour."
G.R. Govindarajulu, Chairman, PSG Turst, Coimbatore-4 June 25, 1981

S. Kannappan P.E. is employed as a Principal Mechanical Engineer heading Pipe Stress Department, Blount International Ltd, Houston Frank X Kloss, Manager of Personnel July 20, 1981

"Kannappan who lives in America will ask things to improved in his village, Nattarasankottai. He will ask for anything for his benefit"
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MGR, July 27, 1980. CM told Sa. Viswanathan who write this in magazine SAVI.

"Hon Chief Minister(M.G. Ramachandran) will be glad to see you on July 28, 1980. Further he desires to invite you with family for dinner at his residence Ramavaram Gardens. Please confirm urgently."
M. Paramasivam IAS, Secretary to C.M., Tamil Nadu Government, Madras July 6, 1980

"Please convey very kind regards from Kunjammal (MS. Subbulakshmi), Radha and me and our Athma to or Sri Kannappan and tell him that Kunjammal definitely sing for his father′s sixteeth birthday celebrations on July 10, 1980."
T. Sadasivam to C.V. Narasimhan Jan 28, 1980

"Presented herein is the report on our study of soil and foundation conditions at the proposed temple site on McLean Road in Pearland, Texas. The investigation was authorized by Mr. S. Kannappan on September 17, 1979."
Dr. V.N. Vijayvergiya, Geotest Engineering Inc, Report 79-115 dt Oct 8, 1979

"Thank you for your letter regarding Mr. M.G. Ramachandran. He would be a welcome visitor at the Texas Heart Institute. The Chief Minister of State would then be escorted through the cardiovascular services at the Texas Heart Institute."
Dr. Denton A. Cooley, Houston March 14, 1978

"With good wishes from persons like you, I hope to be able to contribute towards greater understanding and friendship between the people of India and Vietnam. I do remember meeting you at the Houston dinner and am pleased that you remembered me too."
M.R. Sivaramakrishnan, Ambassador to Vietnam Dec 1, 1976

"Thank you for your letter on Feb. 19, 75 regarding the activities of the hospitality committee in Houston. We are glad that the committee (S. Kannappan as Chairman) is taking so much interest and is of service to the Indian community."
P.H. Desai, First Secretary, Embassy of India, Washington DC March 7, 1975

"I would like to compliment you for your organizational skills and your capacity to work selflessly for a cause."
L. Mahrotra, Consul General of India, San Francisco April 24, 1979

"We are receipt of Hindu Worship Society′s Newsletter Jothi. It would be so nice to receive from you a copy of the issue to enable us to make a reference to it in the columns of the Bhavan′s journal."
S. Ramakrishan, Executice Secretary, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bombay Dec. 18, 1975

"Mr. Sockalingam Kannappan has been a very capable and consistant worker."
A.T. King, Vice-President, Fletcher Emerson Co, Houston March 18, 1971

"Mr. Sockalingam Kannappan was enrolled in the graduate program from Sept. 68 to August 79 and completed all requirements for the degree of Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering"
Hugh A. Walls, Graduate Advisor, ME Dept., UT, Austin Sept. 1, 1970

"Mr. S. Kannappan of Nattarasankottai took his BE degree examination with Honors in 1965 from Annamalai University. I am sure, he will acquit himself well in the academic field. I wish him all success in life."
Dr. Raja Sir Muthiah Chettiar, Madras Feb 18, 1968

"Mr. Kannappan′s contributions to the publication of Design Data Book recently were invaluable."
P.S. Vaidyanathan, Asst. Professor, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore Aug. 4, 1968

"S. Kannappan was one of our brilliant and hardworking students, always concious of his duty. He was elected as the Joint Secretary of the Engineering Association during 1963-64 and did commendable service to his fellow students and also gave a hearty co-operation to the staff."
George Alexander, Professor of Civil Engineering, Annamalai University Nov 18, 1965